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What Is Marketing? An Introductory Guide

What is Marketing? Marketing comprises all the activities from the start to the end of the company’s vision from product development to customer satisfaction.

Introduction to Chartered Accountant 

Chartered Accountants are called Financial wizards for their excellent ability to grasp interesting concepts like finance and aid in the industry process.

International Workers Day

International Workers Day

Today is International Workers Day, a day celebrating the achievements of the working class, also known in many countries as Labour Day or May Day. It is celebrated across many countries and is a public holiday in India. The focus of this day is the working class. In recognition of the working-class contributions to the […]


Freshers’ Day always marks the start of a new journey and a new adventure. The celebration of startinganew and upgrading to the next level in the life journey is always special. This occasion becomes evenmore pleasant and memorable when celebrated with lots of fun and joy. The Nagarjuna Degree College, in association with the Nagarjuna […]