VISION : Our vision is to develop an agile mind and amenable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the college.

MISSION : Our mission is to create a conducive atmosphere for students to express their grievances’ freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized and


VISION : Our vision is to nurture, empower and emancipate generations of young women to be the torch bearers of our culture, values and excellence in leadership.

MISSION : Our mission is to make them realize their true potential, enlighten and educate the woman folk on legal rights and create a platform of open dialogue and discussions on gender disparities work towards gender –sensitive community.


VISION : Our vision is to eliminate and annihilate any form of discrimination and discreteness to all our stakeholders in our institution.

MISSION : Our mission is to identify and stave off any form of unjustness based on caste creed race or religion. To educate the stakeholders of all the policies, programmes and schemes implemented by the government or any NGO.


VISION : Our Vision is to evict any spell of ragging and effectuating a campus culture of respect and dignity.

MISSION : Our mission is to instill and propagate values of mutual respect, dignity and creating facilitative environment. To rule out any undisciplined behavior causing annoyance hardship or psychological harm or raise fear or apprehension in any of the students on campus.