Nagarjuna Group of Institution

Nagarjuna Gorup of Institutions (NGI) stands as an icon for enriching education, ethics, practical learning for the benefit of the society and for the young aspiring youth of the country. The philosophy and its purpose have been rendered in its identity, expressing and committing to leadership and excellence in professional education and in our students career.

Foreseeing the necessity of professional academic educational facilities that are imbibed in a strong value system. Nagarjuna Group of Instiutions was established in the year 1995, under the able leadership and guidance of our founder Shri J.V Ranga Raju, respectful Industrialist and Philanthropist.

NGI’s mission of pursuing the finest and high level education from Primary school to Industry ready professional education program is continuing its rapid growth journey.

Creating some of the finest and thorough industry ready candidates for various professional fields of work has been the hallmark of the institute. The Group boasts of six institutions ranging from primary school to Post-Graduation in Commerce, Management, Pure Science, Computer Applications and Engineering streams. With over 10,000 students and about 800 faculties on board, the campus is vibrant with activities.