Course Details (B.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

Duration: 3 Years

Level: Graduation

Type: Degree

B.Sc. PCM or Bachelor of Science in Physics Chemistry Mathematics is an undergraduate Physics course. Physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted to understand how the universe behaves. In chemistry is more specialized, being concerned with the composition, behavior, structure, and properties of matter, as well as the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions, which studies various substances, atoms, molecules, crystals and other aggregates of matter whether in isolation or combination and which incorporates the concepts of energy and entropy in relation to the spontaneity of chemical processes. Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. Mathematicians seek out patterns, and formulate new conjectures. The degree course is very important and valuable as it is job orienting in nature that opens wide spread scopes for the candidates after its completion not only in educational field but also many other areas.

B.Sc. PCM Eligibility

  • For seeking admission to the B.Sc. PCM, candidates must have completed their higher secondary examination in science stream and they must have secured good percentage of marks in the physics examination at their 10+2 level.
  • Foreign students, who want to pursue an undergraduate course in B.Sc., would have to pass the GCE "A" level or any other examination equivalent to +2 systems of education (12 years of schooling).

The medium of instruction shall be English..

B.Sc. Physics Syllabus click here

B.Sc. Chemistry Syllabus click here

B.Sc. Mathematics Syllabus click here

B.Sc. PCM Course Suitability

  • It is essential that a physicist be proficient with mathematics. You don't have to know everything-that's impossible-but you do have to be comfortable with mathematical concepts and how to apply them.
  • Second, you should take as much high school and college mathematics as you can reasonably fit into your schedule. Especially, take the entire run of algebra, geometry/trigonometry, and calculus courses available, including Advanced Placement courses if you qualify.
  • Those who have team work spirit, habit of working and can work for long hours also can go for the course.
  • They should have problem solving skills such as analytical approach to problem-solving, use imagination and creativity to try new approaches to solve challenging problems.
  • Those having the capacity of problem-solving, examining, interpreting results and making evaluations based on limited information are the good suit for this.

How is B.Sc. PCM Course Beneficial?

  • This course enables the students to integrate their knowledge with computer science, electronics, chemistry and mathematics. On completion of this course, students will be able to get enough knowledge to excel in educational and in industrial areas. Candidates have teaching options both at high school and elementary level.
  • They can also find employment in academic institutions and government research organizations along with in industries such as aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas, space exploration and telecommunications.
  • Candidates have many career opportunities in scientific research-related places. Other popular areas of work included other technical occupations, business and finance, commercial, industrial and public sector management and education.
  • Second, other areas are the scientific, technical and numerical-based roles for chemistry graduates, a small proportion chose to enter very different areas, including marketing, sales and advertising; arts, design and sport; and social and welfare professions.
B.Sc. PCM Employment Areas
Atomic and Molecular physics Applied Electronics
Acoustics Electronics
Astronomy Geophysics
Nuclear Physics Vacuum Sciences
Pharma Companies Pharmacist Shops
Hospitals Private Clinics
Military Hospitals Coaching Centres
Banking Sector Government Jobs (state/central)
Military Stock Exchanges
B.Sc. PCM Job Types
Physics Home Tutor Physics Degree Lecturer
Assistant Professor Associate Auditor
Proof Reader Synthetic Chemist
Patent Associate Research Assistant/Associate and Lab Leader
Demographer Economist
Loan Officer Mathematician
Researcher & Accountant Statistician